The Southern Pointe Band

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Introducing ... The Southern Pointe Band is a six member variety band, which plays a diverse mixture of rock and roll, country and western, blues, jazz, gospel and contemporary music. Southern Pointe Band is based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina. This home base is centralized to the major metro areas and cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, and Asheville. Because of the vast diversity of their song list, SPB appeals to all age groups. From the classic tunes of the 1950’s up to today’s chart topping hits, Southern Pointe Band is well received by everyone. “Family style entertainment is what we are all about.” states bandleader, Johnny Logan. Logan is a vocalist and guitarist for the group. Joining him is Benny Morgan on pedal steel guitar and vocals,  Robbie Jones on drums, Wayne Craine on twin guitar and vocals, and Skip Scott on bass. Formed in February, 2006, Southern Pointe Band’s musical strengths really surfaced with multiple lead singers. These seasoned musicians can play anything really well, and they prove this with every performance. The total entertainment package that Southern Pointe Band brings to you is a testimony to all who see and hear them. There is nothing synthetic, nothing prerecorded, it's real music and it's real fun for all. Experience the Southern Pointe Band at your next function, party, reception, special occasion, or celebration. This is an experience you can count on for fun and good times.